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Zip Line

    Come experience "soaring" in a whole new way! Zip-lining has fast become one of the favorite activities at Ironwood. We have two 400 foot zip lines that span across the Root River and end on the other side in the woods. It is a seasonal activity so it is essentially open from March/April until September/October. For safety of the riders as well as staff and the equipment, riders must be 200 pounds or less, and properly fit into the harness. This will be strictly enforced. **This activity requires certified trained staff and must be booked in advance of your retreat or arrival with a minimum of 15 riders.

  • $5 per person, per ride (minimum of 15 people)
  • or $100 per hour (approximately 35 rides)

Riders must be over 5 years of age.

Call: 507-533-4315 to reserve this fun-filled activity 

zipline pic zipline pic