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Email us your testimonials to either Office or Bob. We want to hear from you!

We loved our stay with the Golden Agers and will definitely look forward to the next time. God bless all you do.

Pastor Jim

We had an absolutely beautiful time staying at Ironwood Springs last weekend. We did pretty much everything there was to do; we went on a hike, we played disc golf, we played tennis, we played horseshoes we did the slingshot we looked at the stars and had a great time in our cabin. It couldn't have been any better! We also enjoyed meeting the staff. I hadn't been there since I was in junior high and so it's fun to see all the changes at ironwood springs and some of the new things as well.


When I arrived at Miracle Lodge on Friday night, if someone had given me the option to have my husband resign from the Army, I think I would have jumped at the chance. After the weekend of seeing that there are people who appreciate the sacrifices that we make and spending time being around others who understand the challenges, I feel refreshed enough to continue on and be the Army Wife that God has called me to be during this season. 

When I told my husband how I felt tonight at dinner, he told me that he felt more refreshed at work today and the weekend was what did it for him. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say "thank you." You all provided that extra boost that we needed...when we needed it.


My granddaughter attended a camp at Ironwood Springs in June.  I attended the Friday night finale and was very impressed with the speaker - I believe his name was Gene.  My granddaughter talked about him for many days after camp was done.


Dear Bob and all the fine folks at Ironwood for the surprise gift of a still-warm peach pie delivered to the Post Bulletin. I could have dug into it upon receipt BUT thought better of my waistline. I paid it forward to a family who enjoyed an extra-special dessert with dinner last night. You are the BEST Bob!


This is Megan Holderness, granddaughter of Gene and Janelle Holderness. Hopefully you remember me :) I have really been thinking about grandma and grandpa a lot lately and I have found that most of my really wonderful and memorable times with the both of them was at Ironwood. I wanted to write you to let you know how wonderful your ranch is and how much I appreciate the fact that I have the memories that I do with my grandparents. Its really nice to think back on all of the beautiful wildlife I was able to experience, the wonderful conversations I was able to be apart of and people I was able to meet. I am 22 now and almost done with my Bachelor's degree in Community Psychology at St. Cloud State. Being the age I am, I have really began to think about where I am going, what I want out of my life and how I got to where I am. Without Ironwood I think I would be a very different person. Your ranch lets families and children experience fun and exciting things together and realize their potentials and relationship with god. Therefore, I would very much like to thank you! Also, I wanted to see how things have been going with you and your family as well. I hope all is great!

Megan Holderness

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the wonderful reunion weekend you provided the Michaelson family; and our hostess, Pam, who worked tirelessly to make sure we had everything we needed - what a blessing! It was as though you had planned the Miracle Lodge just for us - the accommodations, meeting rooms, activities, meals, (and even the weather :o) were exactly what we were hoping for and more. We were so blessed to have Bob come and share with us God's call on his life and His faithfulness. It was a great encouragement! We are grateful for the good work you are doing for the sake of the Gospel, and that God saw fit to lead us to you.

Susan Steffens

"We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Miracle Lodge for our family reunion! Our family raved about the accomodations and every aspect of the weekend."

Michelle Abbott

My first time at the Miracle Lodge and my 1st time turkey hunting, Thank you for the wonderful place and wonderful people I now have a new addiction next spring!

Craig France

My wife, Marianne, & I met Bob 4 Yrs ago and have enjoyed camping at Ironwood Springs since. There is NO better place to have FUN and Praise God for Miracles! We've invited several of our friends to check out Bob's facility and ALL have returned to this magnificent place for more. Thank you Bob & Ironwood Staff...but mostly, Thank You God for blessing all of us with Bob Bardwell and the Miracle Lodge at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch!!!

Frank Topar

My hair is gently rustled by a teasing gust of wind as I stand surrounded by weathered, rustic wooden benches. The benches are built into a hillside and the scene laid out is almost coliseum-like. Amid a forest of evergreen and ironwood trees there is a deep, earthen perfume in the air and with every deep breath taken, both relaxation and comfort increase. The bench complains and creaks slightly as I sit down, but disregarding the noise I look panoramically in remembrance. A tall cross, made of large tree branches, stands in the prominent center of my view and my heart is immediately warmed. Bird calls and other sounds of nature float to my ears and a content smile overtakes my face....
I was not sure how much time had passed since my arrival, but I did know that the sky was much darker than when I had arrived and that meant that it was getting late and that my visit must come to an end. With a sigh, I stop singing and take one final look around the clearing; musingly, I think how odd it is that such a small area can hold so many memories and emotions. Smiling, I head back toward the twisting path with a profound sense of serenity and happiness. I hum the whole hike back to camp and feel light as air.

The outdoor chapel at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch is one of the most beautiful places that my heart knows. Though my eyes may have, and likely will see places more visually pleasing, this place is forever connected to my heart. My experiences there have taught me that I do not ever have to fight the battle called life alone.

Cassie Torkelson

I went to wrangler camp for 3 years and I loved it so much that I wanted to go again the best thing was the horses. If I someone asked me what camp they should send their kids to that has horses I would the them Ironwood Spring Christian Ranch because it is the best to go to during the summer time for children of all ages.

Jackie Storlie

I can tell you without a doubt this was the best facility our group has stayed with. We thank you for being so accommodating with last minute requests such as the zip line...Thank you again for a wonderful, memorable weekend.


Thank you so much for the wonderful stay during Operation Welcome Home a few weeks ago. We enjoy everything about it and being able to spend time as a married couple. The candle light dinner was awesome and really helps you appreciate our veterans as well as soldier spouse. Thanks again for a wonderful and memorable weekend!

LeRoy and Angela Johnson

We really want to thank you for putting the six of us in two conjoined rooms. We really appreciate it. The 3 girls have had a blast this entire week ad what better way to spend it than with your best friends! It has been a blessing as well because we were all able to get to know each other even more. This camp has become a huge part of all six of our lives and we truly look forward to it every year. Your family is amazing. Thank your for everything!

Sarah, Jessica, Bryon, Katie, Taylor, Nicole

Just a note to say thank you for helping with the hunt. Since the game feed it is moving along at a rapid pace. God’s plans are easier and quicker than mine. He is such a blessing to us. Yesterday a fellow called and gave our SYC group 5 new 870 shotguns. The event will be a blessing to many. God will fulfill your dreams and give you his love and desire.


I wanted to take some time and thank you for having us at the weekend home retreat. That weekend has truly helped our marriage and our family. I now have a special place in my heart for Ironwood Christian Ranch. We are looking forward to coming back for the military family weekend.

The Bruns Family

Thank you so much for the nice note! Your support from the time we spoke to the end of this season has been amazing. I am glad our team was able to hear your stories and experiences a couple of times. Thank you for the continued support and kind messages. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

U of M Head Football Coach Jerry Kill

Hi my name is Taylor, I have been going to camp for 4 years and I love is sooo much. Already I have recommended the camp to a lot of my friends. They said they might go, but, one named Stacey, one of my best friends is going. I can’t wait to see you and the counselors this summer. Oh and my mom went to your camp when she was little, her name is Tara. Well, I will see you this summer Bob.


Just a note, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Ironwood Springs Ranch this past weekend. The food was delicious, activities were great, and the Zipline was probably the biggest hit, other than swimming since it was so hot. Since arriving home, I’ve already been recommending the Ironwood Springs Ranch to others down here in Southern Iowa.

Tom and Camilla Williamson

Thank you so much for allowing us to use your facilities for our Greenland camp. I have had several members tell me that this was on of the best weekends of their life and this would not have been possible without your help.


We have not been with you for several years. I know it is hard to believe, but I am slowing down. Irene wanted to be sure for me to send a contribution in a year that has been tough for many people. Please continue your good works.

John and Irene

I just had to write to you to tell you what a wonderful time we had on our ride Dec 3rd. It could not have been any better. It was really our first snowfall of the year and snowed it did. It was warm enough that the kids were not cold. And the snow was just perfect. It would not have been as memorable if not for the weather. It was like winning the lottery. Your two drivers were absolutely splendid and made our night a night not to forget. It was as if the deer were waiting for us as we slowly went through the woods.

Hope you have a joyous holiday and thanks to you and your staff for our memories. God Bless.

Bob and Family

Thanks so much for the hospitality you and your staff showed to us over the weekend. What a great place to host events and bring Christ closer to people. We loved, well, we loved every minute of it, no matter what we were doing.

I’m back at work and have been looking through your web site. I’m looking for the wood cutting workday event that we heard about. I believe the date was the 15th of October. We may be interested in bringing a van full of workers that day. We wouldn’t be bringing chain saws, but able bodied backs if that’s ok! Please send the details of the day that is planned.

Thanks again for the great time and place.


I take great pleasure in expressing my sincere appreciation for your hospitality in the Operation Welcome Home retreat for returning veterans. The Miracle Lodge provided a warm environment and courteous staff that was second to none. From the moment my wife, Molly and I walked in the front doors, we were greeted with a warm smile and firm handshake. The excellent curriculum, the breakout sessions, and professional counselors provided a tremendous amount of useful tools. I am certain others who attended Operation Welcome Home would echo my thoughts.

Your willingness to expend the extra time outside your other responsibilities to volunteer your time and products for this event is an indication of your devotion to our community, our state, and our country.

Thank your for your service and please accept my gratitude and compliments for a wonderful weekend.

Joseph and Molly

Mike and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to come down and do a little work at Ironwood with the others form our Rockpoint church in October. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we look forward to the next time you give to so many people… the Lord has surely blessed you with a gift and service that touch so many lives, and we pray that gift/service continues for many years to come.

We also wanted to ask that you add us to your email list for any news or updates on Ironwood in the future. We’d love to be kept informed of the happenings and needs of Ironwood. Many thanks.

Again… blessings to you and your crew for all that you do for so many. May God continue to bless all of you for the wonderful ministry that you give to so many.

In Christ’s love…

Mike and Marlene

I am so excited to be back at Ironwood! We have been there on and off since about 1983! We have followed the development of the ranch and prayed for it and for Bob. What a blessing to be able to be staying in the Miracle Lodge! Please let me know if Bob will be onsite during our stay, so I can personally introduce him to my staff. I would love a chance for them to hear Bob's heart and some of his story, if he has the time.

Looking forward to this summer!


On behalf of the Piecemakers Quilt guild, I say thank you! Thank you! Your warm welcome, the video of what you do and who you are, the tour, and lunch - the greatest! I personally feel God has blessed you and your work. I especially appreciated you – Bob and Steve – for your witness to all around you. I’m happy so many pf our quilt group chose to spend the day with you. Now many more know and realize what those of us who come with QOV are doing.

Keep up the good work.


I cannot express in words the extent of our gratitude for last weekend. It was incredible. We enjoyed our time immensely and truly appreciate the hospitality of you and your staff. May God continue to bless you, your family and the wonderful work that you are doing!!


Thank you and camp for being such a huge part of the great kid that he is. I know the summer after the 10th great was a tough one and Josh and camp really help pull him back to God. We were very close to losing him to a bad crowd. I do not know what Josh said or did but something worked. It was God working though him that turned him around after camp that summer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Deployment is one of the greatest challenges a married couple can face. Add children to that equation and the difficulties only increase. Reconnecting in a Christian environment was a big blessing. The weekend was an amazing gift.

Greg and Laura

I just returned from Iraq in February. My wife and I have 2 boys and are from Bloomington. This was our first retreat together and an amazing experience in the Miracle Lodge. The trail riding, Zipline, workshops, quilts, dinner, etc.., made this whole experience priceless. The message was clear: If you have a dream, follow your heart and miracles will happen.

Joe and Molly

Thank you for allowing us to stay at camp and enjoy a few days of vacation. This is such a amazing place filled with God's beauty and the comfort and peace of his spirit. Hopefully we can return and help with the up keep of this beautiful facility. Thanks Steve for giving us so much of your time to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. We will continue to pray for the ongoing ministry of the camp. In Christ.

Kip & Vicki & Amber

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize the entire staff at Ironwood Springs and thank you for an amazing retreat and awesome experience working with you in hosting our "Calling Intensive Experience" event. There are so many things we can say about Ironwood Springs and the wonderful people associated with this camp. Each of you contributed to our event in a very special way. We felt so welcomed by the staff at Ironwood Springs.

The Miracle Lodge was the perfect set up tor this type of event. The open lines of communication, cleanness, quality of food, and beautiful setting allowed us to concentrate on everyone we needed to get done and took out the many distractions that often occur in partnering with multiple organizations. The comments in our feedback forms filled out by our attendees clearly indicated their agreement in the awesome camp, staff, and fantastic food.

Thank you again for the many things that words simply can't express. It was truly a pleasure working with each of you at Ironwood Springs! We look forward to the next opportunity in partnering with you in our next assignment.


One key memory was for the evening I preached on being equipped by the Holy Spirit for power in ministry. The thrust of the message of God had for me to preach that week was on obedience to the Holy Spirit. I wrote a sermon, a good sermon, a solid sermon. I used my usual methods, and it did not sit right with me. The Lord was telling me to do something else, and it was different and uncomfortable for me. I had no way to predict the response. Well, the response was something only God could have done -- 100% of the campers responded by coming forward in prayer to be equipped by the Holy Spirit for ministry in their families, schools, churches, and communities, to evangelize them and testify to God's greatness! I get goosebumps even now, two months later, relating this to you. There is power in prayer and submission to the Holy Spirit. I want to thank you for your support of God's ministry. Please continue praying for us as God places us on your heart. We look forward to what God has in store with our upcoming life changes.

Adam, Lisa, Harmon, Oliver, and Selah - The Posegates

Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend at Miracle Lodge. Just wanted to share a miracle/rescue that took place over the weekend. Not sure if Kelli got the opportunity to tell you. Also want to let you know we are all praying for healing for you as a group we prayed specifically for you and your team of doctors.

On Saturday, one of our guests had to go to Walgreens because she forgot her meds. God works in His ways as evident by the story. Anyways, Jean got to Walgreens before it opened for the day and noticed a young woman sitting on the street corner all alone. Following a nudge, she asked the girl if she believed in God placed people in places for a reason. The girl responded yes I do. And Jean opened her car and said hop in! Turns out the girl had just left an abusive situation and had no where to turn. Jean brought her back to the Miracle Lodge for the day. Later they went back to the boyfriends home and retrieved all her things. Jean then helped her purchase a bus ticket to go home to her mother. Prior to MN, the girl lived with her father in CO, and hasn't seen her mother in a long time. Before she left, she had a different presence about her that when I spoke with her at her arrival. She thanked us for welcoming and loving on her and away she went. In your meetings, please keep Brittany in your prayers. Safe travels and thank Him, she sure was exposed to Jesus this weekend though the good samaritan woman, Jean! How great is that!

Andy and Lisa