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Summer Camp Jobs

summer camp employee group photo

Serving as a summer camp counselor at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch is a challenging and rewarding way to spend your summer. You will have the opportunity to use the skills and gifts that God has given you to lead campers into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition you will have the opportunity to lead small groups, participate in BIG games, and lead campers through a week packed full of awesome activities.

The positions listed below are for our Launch, Quest and Encounter Youth Camps.  Read about them here.  You may choose to work for some or all of these weeks.  You can indicate your availability during the application process. Feel free to send any questions to Grace

Application: not yet available

Listed below are internal page links to the jobs available:
Cabin Counselors  Junior Counselors
Audio/Visual Junior Wrangler Volunteers

Cabin Counselors:
Wage: $125-$175 per week.

A cabin counselor must be 18 and a high school graduate. Encounter camp counselors must be at least one year removed from high school. A cabin counselor is responsible for 6-8 campers per week in a cabin setting. They will lead Bible studies, plan activities, participate in all camp activity, and be a spiritual and emotional leader for those in their cabin. Being a cabin counselor can be the most rewarding experience of your lifetime. There is a lot of work that goes into the position, but the rewards and experience received far outweigh the rest. We are always welcoming new applicants as well as returning applicants. If interested please fill out the application above.

cabin counselor photo

Junior Counselors:
This is a volunteer position

A Junior Counselor must be 15 years old by June 1st to be considered in the application process. There is a cost to be a junior counselor to cover the food and lodging for their time here, as well as the materials for leadership training. Junior Counselors are in a cabin with a Counselor and will gain great experience as a leader and will be poured into spiritually by the rest of the staff. If interested please fill out the application above.

junior counselor photo

Wage: Commensurate on experience.

Audio/Visual has become an important part of all that we do at Ironwood. Must be a college student or recent graduate. We need people who have extensive experience in editing videos, and working with live sound production. Must be a fast worker and self starter. 
audio visual photo

Junior Wrangler:
Wage: This is a volunteer position.

A junior wrangler is at the Riding Arena with the Senior Wrangler staff and will assist in maintenance and care of the horses, as well as trail rides and other activities.  To be a Junior Wrangler you must be 16 years of age. Please email Wrangler with any questions.

junior wrangler photo

Everything that Ironwood does is anchored by the volunteers that come and spend their time and money investing in our programs. If you are interested in being a volunteer at Ironwood Summer Camps please contact us and see if there is somewhere that you can plug in. 
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