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Online registration for Ironwood Youth Camps:

Select the camp link below to register your child.

If you register online you must also complete the registration form and medical waiver form which will be emailed to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to electronically sign the wavior. Your payment must be made in full.

****If it lookes like it didn't go through please call Ironwood to check before submitting again as it most likely already went through and your card will be charged each time you submit.

Once we have received and recorded your registration and payment at the office, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details regarding your specific camp.


Early Bird Discount 
  • Campers that Register on or before May 1st will receive a discounted rate.
Second Child Discount - receive $15 off
  • If you are registering a second child for camp you are eligible for this discount on the second child's registration.
Church Discount - receive $15 off
  • If an Ironwood Employee has visited your church to promote 2015 Summer Camps you are eligible for this discount.
  • If you are interested in this discount - Learn how to Get your church involved!
Attend second camp - receive $15 off
  • Any camper that attends Launch, Quest, Encounter, SOAR or Wrangler camp will receive off $15 their registration attending a second camp.
Note: Only one discount per applicant.

Summer Camps:

Launch Camp (3rd-5th Grade):  Register for Launch Camp Online

Quest Camp (6th-8th Grade): Register for Quest Camp Online

Encounter Camp (9th-12th Grade): Register for Encounter Camp Online

Beginner Wrangler Day Camp: Register for session I (June 20-24, 2016) Beginner Session I Wrangler Day Camp Online

Beginner Wrangler Day Camp: Register for session II (Aug 8-12, 2016)Beginner Session II Wrangler Day Camp Online

Intermediate Wrangler Day Camp: Register for Intermediate Wrangler Day Camp Online

Boys & Girls SOAR Camp (7th-10th Grade): Register for SOAR Camp Online

Winter Camps:

Extreme Snow Days (6th-12th Grade): Register for Extreme Snow Days Online

If you would like to receive a hard copy of an Extreme Snow Days registration form, call 507-533-4315, or Email Cathy Jo.

Mail-in registration for Ironwood Youth Camps:


  1. Click on the camp registration form and print the forms.
  2. Print and sign the ISCR Release of Liability wavior.
  3. Please complete the forms and mail it to Ironwood. 
  4. Once we have received and entered your information, you will receive a confirmation email or letter.

Email your camper while they are at camp! 

Send forms in the mail with complete payment to:
Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch
7291 County Road 6 SW
Stewartville, MN  55976
Fax # 507-533-8126