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Challenge Course     challenge course sign

$5 per person                    click here for a flyer

    The Challenge Course is a perfect activity for any type group for team building, or just a fun activity to do. The Challenge Course allows participants to experience mental and physical success and recognize that the seemingly impossible or difficult is often quite possible, especially working as a team. It is a way to teach teamwork, trust, and life skills in a powerful hands on approach. The purpose is to increase participants' self -confidence, mutual support within a group, and a gentle reminder about others. We promote safety with this activity requiring certified trained Ironwood Staff to walk the group through the exercises. We have a total of 17 low element challenges:  Singing Platforms, Ragin' River, Electric Corral, Wild Wave, The "Wall", Jungle Rope Swing, Broken Bridge, and the Spider Web and many more.

This activity is good for any age, though small children or physically handicapped are not recommended but neither declined.

Minimum of 10 participants in group. Call 507-533-4315 to set up a time for this event.
(self-guided challenge course instructions may be available upon request. Ironwood has the right to decline any self-guided challenge course groups)
For the safety of participants, please wear sturdy shoes. Gloves may be desired on some elements, but not required.

Challenge Course photo I  challenge course pic Challenge Course photo IV challenge course pic