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Castner Arena Rental
 Castner pic  Castner indoors pic

We are excited to offer arena rental for horse events, shows, clinics, educational seminars and more. Castner Riding Arena was funded primarily by Walt and Paulene Castner.  The building was opened in the summer of 2005. In addition to the facility features, Ironwood offers several different overnight accommodations. 

Facilities Include...

  • Indoor Riding Arena 100x200.
  • Sand footing.
  • Maintained by Arena Rascal Pro arena drag.
  • Round Pen (60').
  • 11 Stalls. 
  • Meeting Room attached to Arena (Walt's Room).
  • Raised Bleachers seating 200.
  • Announcer's Stand.
  • Sound System.
  • Concessions (for large groups) or Meals in Dining Hall (dependant on scheduling).

Rental includes watered and dragged surface, lighting, and sound system.

We welcome individuals to use the Arena for private riding sessions. The rate is $25/hour for up to two riders plus $10 per each additional rider. Please call ahead of time. To rent the Arena for an event or clinic, call 507-533-9933 or Email Wrangler for pricing and availability.