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Ironwood Scholarship Application

It is our desire that financial barriers would not prevent anyone from attending a camp or retreat at Ironwood Springs. In order to ensure that as many applicants as possible can benefit from our financial aid program, we ask that you first seek assistance from other sources such as churches, social services, and close family and friends. Awards for financial assistance are needs-based and also take into consideration extenuating circumstances. Funds are limited and are intended for the registration cost only. Additional options such as horsemanship may be available on a very limited basis. Add-on items such as camp store money will not be covered. Payment plans are available.

Unless otherwise determined, a minimum nonrefundable payment of $25.00 will be required for each registration.

Process to request financial assistance:
  1. Applicant seeks aid from other sources such as churches, social services and family/friends.
  2. Applicant submits registration and application for financial assistance at least two weeks* before the camp start date. The application for financial assistance is available during the online registration process. If submitting a paper registration form, a paper application for financial assistance must be enclosed. *Applications for Journey Youth Summer Camps must be submitted at least one month before the camp start date.
  3. Applicant is notified of award amount via email or phone within seven business days of request.
  4. If financial assistance is granted, the award amount will be applied to the registration cost.
  5. Applicant must submit payment for remaining amount or sign up for a payment plan within two weeks of award notice, but no less than one week before the camp start date. If no payment action is taken in this time frame, registration will be forfeited.
Questions? Email or call 507-533-4315.