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The Bunkhouse Cabins  

Call 507-533-4315 for rates and reservations.

Bluebell Boarding House, General Store(formerly 7th Heaven), Sheriff's Office, and Livery Stables
These are open-dorm style cabins with no restrooms. Men and ladies restrooms are located next door in the Rec Center building or across the parking lot in the Founder's Lodge. They can be heated and air-conditioned. Perfect for large families or youth groups for the economic cost and they each sleep up to 10 people in bunk beds with the exception of the Bluebell Boarding house only sleeping 8. A large fire ring is situated right out front of these cabins.

         cabin pic    cabin pic    bunkhouse cabin outside pic
               General Store & Bluebell Boarding House             Sheriff & Livery   
 cabin inside pic  cabin inside pic cabin inside pic 
 Bluebell Boarding House   7th Heaven(General Store)    Sheriff Office                  Livery Stables

A-Frame Cabins


Starlight is an A frame cabin with 2 bedrooms, and a loft with three beds. Bed styles range from bunkbed, singles, to a full. It sleeps 7 people and includes a small refrigerator and microwave. There is also a bathroom in this cabin. It can be heated or air conditioned.  The gas heated wood styled stove is a nice comforting touch. It has it's own outdoor fire ring and overhanging porch.
Starlight cabin pic  Starlight interior photo

Sonshine is an A-frame cabin with 2 bedrooms and a loft but no private restroom. The restroom is situated in the next building over--our Rec Center. Bed styles range from bunkbed to singles, allowing for 8 sleeping beds. Also included is a small refrigerator and microwave. This cabin can be heated and air conditioned.

SonShine exterior photo SonShine interior photo

Cabin in the Woods
A great cabin that is larger and can sleep 8 and has two couches and a small fridge and microwave.  There is also a dining table for use.  This cabin has limited availability so please call to see if your dates are open.