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Biffer Rules

Welcome to the official rules of Biffer...How to play the game!

Biffer is without question or doubt the greatest game in the world. It will no doubt improve any and all gathering for camps, youth groups, or large gatherings. It is filled with non-stop action, and constant high energy!

  • Black, red, and blue markers
  • brand new socks
  • flour
  • face paint (all colors)**optional, but highly recommended**
  • large outdoor area
  • 25 plus people

Here are the rules to biffer:

  • You need to divide your staff, or leaders into three different groups:
    • Stations
    • Medics
    • Biffers
  • You need as many as 6 stations and as few as 3 depending on the size of the group.
  • The stations go and hide through out the playing area, and are given blue markers.
    • They can hide themselves anywhere inside the boundries of the game.
  • Each station is numbered 1-6, and should be hidden accordingly to the level of difficulty:
    • 1 being easiest and 6 hardest.
  • Biffers are what makes the game.
    • Biffers are given a sock that is filled with flour (not too much though) and tied at the top.
    • With these socks they run after the campers, and if the campers are hit with a sock filled with flour, they are then given a black slash, and are frozen
    • The biffers must run them down, they are not allowed to throw the socks to create frozen campers.
  • Medics are the campers best friends, and should be in proportion to the number of biffers that you have.
    • You should have one medic for every four biffers.
    • The medics main job is to go to kids that are frozen, putting a red slash through the black slash making them free to run and continue the game.

How To Win:

  • To win the game, and be crowned as the Biffer Champion of the World, you must get through all six stations in the allotted time slot.
    • We usually play for an hour.
  • The catch is that you have to go to all the stations IN ORDER.
  • When you come upon what you think is a station, you are only allowed to ask them one yes or no question pertaining to what number they are.
    • For example, are you station one, are you station two, and so on.
  • If that person if not station one then they must continue on their journey until station one is found.
  • When the campers find the correct station, they then must perform whatever task they are asked to do:
    • For example: say the alphabet backwards, put their socks in water, ring them out, and then keep on playing, etc.
    • Make sure the tasks are safe, but the crazier the tasks, the better the game goes.
  • As they complete each station, they have that station number marked on them with blue marker.
  • There can only be one person at a time that is completing a task at a given station.
  • Anyone that is standing in line waiting is free game to be biffed.
  • If the campers are hit with a flour-filled sock, they are instantly frozen, and must yell for a medic to set them free.

To really make this game hyped up and crazy, we started using face paint on all the biffers much like war paint. The wilder the face paint, the more into it the kids have gotten.

Both campers and staff look forward to this event every year!!