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animal barn pic Animal Farm  animal barn pic

Cost:                                                                  (2013 Volunteers, Faith Church of Austin, 
                                                                                        UPS, Arlan Walton, & Operation Round-Up-
                                                                                                -newly remodeled front!)

Always free!

At the Animal farm you will find bunnies, peacocks, deer, sheep, llama, a donkey, and a goat. It is a great chance to see all the animals up close and pet them as they come greet you at the fence. With Ironwood Staff present, you may even get a chance to go in the cage with the llamas and sheep! The bunnies are always available to be held and pet, and sometimes there are even baby bunnies! If the timing is right, you may be able to see the male peacock with all his eye catching colors displayed. If you are looking for Clyde the Camel, he resides in his own pen next to the Old Red Barn by the horse area.

***please do not enter fenced areas without Ironwood Staff present with permission!***Please remember that all animals are unpredictable.

This is a great activity for all ages, especially younger children as they can interact with the animals.

bunnies pic camel pic deer picdockey pic peacock pic lama pic  sheep pic peacock pic Goat picture II